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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day in the Life of a Cat

Being a little snowed under with writing at the moment, this is an easy topic to cover. So, you're get a something on cats. Self-indulgent (but hey, doesn't that suit a feline?) and more than a bit cutesy (my cats have now hidden my digital camera somewhere as they got sick of me stalking them - sigh).

Ever wondered what the moggies do while you're away?

Well, I had bird-cam, corner of the house-cam, plant-cam, door-cam and room-cam snap some of the things my 3 cats did during the course of a day.

Watching the world go by...

What? You mean this isn't a cat hammock?

Is that a bird I see perched at the top of that tree?

Why do things standing up when you can lie down?

What do you mean this is a road for cars? It's my rolling around and get dusty spot!

I TOLD you there was something on top of the roof!

Hanging out together...

Lick one, spit algae, lick two, spit algae...

Yes, I AM Kylie Griffin-look at my awards!


  1. Gorgeous moggies, Kylie!

    The other Cath

  2. Aww! Your kitties are so cute, Kylie! They're making me smile :-)

  3. Oh, love it, Kylie. They are cuties.

  4. It's a tough life being a cat in Kylie Griffin's household - just lyin' around, lookin' gorgeous!
    Fun post, Kylie!

  5. Hey, ladies! Yeah, being a cat in my house is like reaching retirement AND inheriting a life of luxury. Always had a soft spot for kitties. :-)