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Thursday, June 2, 2011

THE END...for now

Exhaustion...got it covered...
This is how I feel at the moment but I'm also giddy-happy.

It's a euphoric feeling being able to type the last words in your manuscript and realise you've reached THE END. It hit the 100K mark - phew!

So, Book 2 in the Light Blade series is finished, at least until the revisions come back from my editor (btw, if you're wondering, VENGEANCE BORN: Book 1 in the series is being released in February 2012 with Berkley - *yeah, I know, shameless plug* :-D ).

I'm now taking a short break before getting on with Book 3 in the series. Can't wait to get cracking on that one!


  1. congrats Kylie......be sure to have a well deserved wine and maybe a night out before scurrying off to the writers cave again!!!!