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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Some of my highlights from the Orlando, Florida conference last year...

Meeting Joss Ware aka Colleen Gleeson
Literacy Signing - so big!

The Jumbotron TV screens

RWNZ & RWAussies celebrating

At the Pikabu...

Darynda Jones awarded me my Golden Heart
Theme Parks galore!


  1. Kaz Delaney says: I wasn't there, but it brings back such great memories of my own RWA National trip Kylie. It honestly is something to experience. Of course yours will always hold a special place thanks to your amazing GH win... I wish you many more - and hope to squeeze in a couple more myself...

    Thankyou for posting!

  2. Kaz Delaney: Um... Actually, I meant 'many more' RWA Nationals - not GHs - which of course, now you can't win seeing as you're a fabulously talented published author! LOL.

    Sigh. Feeling very blonde today. Maybe all the (22) comp entries I'm judging have fried my brain. That's my story...

  3. LOL, Kaz, you're a honey! I got what you meant! I'm hoping to save the pennies and go to RWA again next year - it's on the West Coast.

    Holy eye-strain, Batgirl! 22 contest entries! You ARE a glutton for punishment or what? :-)