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Friday, July 15, 2011

Galactic Burn

Happy Release Day GALACTIC BURN!

My fellow DarkSider and friend, Mel Teshco celebrates her latest release from Ellora's Cave - woohoo!

Here's the "rather hot" blurb:

Humans have been almost wiped out. Only a few females are recovering from the devastation. The same deadly virus annihilated the female population of a mighty alien nation and their three kings—Dar, Ezra and Maddox—are looking for one special female, Lillian, to capture and seduce.
Though Lillian survived, she has no memory and struggles with the fact that three alien men have become her lovers. One by one, they take her, make her burn for release and satisfy her every sexual need. She craves their touches, their kisses, their comforting embraces while forming strong emotional bonds with each. Lillian is falling for her sexy aliens and agrees to become their life mate in a special ceremony—her three males will make love to Lillian as all the surviving alien males watch.


  1. Thanks so much Kylie!
    Would you believe I went to your site to see when exactly your book came out so I could snare an interview beforehand - and there was my book!!! LOL
    A lovely surprise =))

  2. LOL, Mel! Always happy to promote my fellow DarkSiders and local authors! :-)