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Saturday, January 28, 2012

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Kalan - the warrior hero of Vengeance Born

To continue the introduction of the characters from VENGEANCE BORN, today you find out more about Kalan, the hero.

Name: Kalan Tayn

Race: Human

Age: 30

Background: Kalan Tayn is the son of traders. His calling to be a Light Blade warrior came in his early teens. His best friend, Arek, joined the same time as him.

His sister, Kymora, was also called to serve the Lady, but as a Handmaiden in the Temple. They all helped one another in their respective roles.

While Kalan doesn't appear on the front cover, this is what I imagined he'd look like.

Kalan rose quickly among the Light Blade ranks to the position of Commander. Arek is his Second, a partnership which endures to this day.

Kalan's strong faith in the Lady guides his every action and helps him through difficult situations - the most pressing being to convince a rigid and inflexible Blade Council that they must adapt to survive the escalating conflict with the Na'Reish demons.

If he can't, the Na'Reish will succeed in killing or enslaving them all.

Skills: Like all Light Blade warriors he can use his kinetic power to kill by channeling it through touch or via any blade or weapon. This skill is used to kill the Na'Reish.

In human society, Light Blades are highly respected for their skills and dedication to upholding the Lady's tenets. They are the protectors of all.

Interesting facts:
  • His mother died of Claret-rash when he was young.
  • As young Light Blade trainees, he and Arek used to sneak into the Night Markets outside curfew to visit the taverns.
  • He insists on being called Commander outside the Blade Council chamber rather than Chosen. He believes strongly in forging personal connections with those he meets instead of relying on his rank to earn respect.
  • Like Annika, Kalan's greatest vice is a hot bath.


  1. Hi Kylie,
    Kalan sounds like the guy you'd love to have protecting your back in a fight - mmmm - and your front - and your.... LOL Isn't a hot bath with or without the trimmings most peoples vice?

  2. I'm in the mood for a great bath.....could I borrow Kalan to join me?!?!

  3. Cath, I do believe Annika might have something to say about you and Kalan sharing a bath together! LOL