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Monday, January 2, 2012

DarkSiders Reading Challenge 2012

Eleni Konstantine, blog mistress over at the Dark Side DownUnder site, has issued a reading challenge for 2012.

If you enjoy reading paranormal, urban fantasy, science fiction, fantasy, and/or steampunk romances then you might discover some fantastic new books to add to your To Be Read pile from the Dark Side DownUnder authors. Check out the Latest Releases & Upcoming Releases pages to find out what's on offer.

What is the challenge?

There will be three levels -

Lighter Side challenge - 6 books
DarkSider challenge - 12 books
Down Under challenge - 24 books

I'm opting for a DarkSider challenge as I have several books from my fellow DarkSiders already sitting in my TBR pile (ie. Denise Rossetti, Tracey O'Hara, Mel Teshco, Shona Husk, Amanda Ashby, Rowena Corey Daniells, Maree Anderson) and I know there are some more coming out this year that will be added to that list! :-)

Are you going to take the Dark Side DownUnder Challenge?


  1. I'm in. Either DarkSider or Down Under, since I'm starting work soon, will be able to afford to buy books again. Getting my list together now

  2. Yay! Happy choosing a level and some wonderful books to read, Gia!

  3. Yay on taking up the challenge, Kylie!

    Thanks for the plug.

    E x