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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Coleen has been a bookworm all her life. At school English was her favorite subject, but for some reason she decided on a career in IT. After many years of programming, she wondered what else there was in life — and discovered writing. She loves writing contemporary romance whether it's sweet or sensual.

She lives in Sydney with her partner and two children. When she's not writing she enjoys avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching The Office.

Please welcome first time visitor to my blog - Coleen Kwan!
Coleen, it's great to have you here.

About your book...

Setting – contemporary Aussie rural town in the Hunter Valley.

Hero – Adam Blackstone. Once upon a time he was the Disney prince until Harriet ruined his father and his family’s reputation.

Heroine – Harriet Brown. As a teenager she was shy, overweight, and had a secret crush on Adam. Now she’s altered dramatically, but when it comes to Adam she’s still that awkward adolescent.

Scene you would never cut – Harriet trying to soften Adam up with a chocolate muffin! He acts all tough towards her, but there’s something about Harriet that gets to him, and it’s not just the baked goods.

Something your hero or heroine would never do or say – Harriet would never ask Adam “Do I look fat in this?”

What's one quirky thing about your hero? Adam thinks Harriet looks like a Hawaiian hula doll

What do you think the readers will like about this book? It’s a fun, sweet contemporary romance with an ‘ugly duckling turned swan’ theme.

After ten years of exile, Harriet Brown is back in town. Things have definitely changed, but so has she. Now the confident owner of a catering business, she's no longer the shy, overweight girl everyone—including her hot teenage crush—used to ignore. In fact, she's determined to make peace with Adam Blackstone for her part in exposing his father's secret affairs and corrupt behavior as mayor.
But Adam has changed as well. No longer a pampered, rich pinup boy, he just wants to reestablish his family's good name. He reluctantly agrees to a truce with Harriet, and is surprised by how changed she is. He doesn't want to be drawn to her, but he can't seem to resist her allure.
As Harriet struggles to come to terms with her past, her adolescent infatuation with Adam morphs into something more serious… Will she ever be accepted again? Or will ancient history ruin the chance of a future full of possibilities?

WHEN HARRIET CAME HOME is now available at:
Carina Press
Barnes & Noble

What's next for you? Carina Press has recently bought my steampunk novella! Title and publication date unknown as yet. I’m really excited about this as steampunk is a new genre for me.

About you...
Favorite movie of all time – Too many to mention! Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, When Harry Met Sally.
Favorite fairytale – Jack and the Beanstalk. I love the idea of climbing up a giant beanstalk and discovering a whole new world up there. Plus, “Fee fi fo fum” is a great line!
Favorite story to disappear into – Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, Winston Graham’s Poldark series. Over the years I’ve read these several times and they never fail to entertain.
Favorite TV program – The Office. Don’t know if I’ll continue to watch it without Steve Carrell, though.
First book you remember reading – something by Enid Blyton.
Dog or cat person (or other) – I don’t have a pet, but if I did it would definitely be a dog.
Author (living or dead) you'd most like to meet – None, really. I’m not much of a fan-girl. To me books are separate entities from their authors. I can like one without the other, and vice versa.
A romantic retreat for you would be... A five-star trip to Venice.

What do you do to unwind or relax? Reading! It’s my favourite pastime!

What era would you like to time travel and visit? And why? I’d love to journey back to
Medieval times and watch a jousting tournament.

What does love mean to you? For me, love means having someone to share the highs and the lows that life brings you. Highs like having children or being published. Lows like pranging the car or taking a sick child to hospital.

Coleen, thanks for joining me today on my blog and sharing more about your book, WHEN HARRIET CAME HOME, and yourself!

You can find out more about Coleen on her website & blog, or follow her on her Facebook profile page or fan-page.


  1. Good point re authors and their books being separate. I agree to some extent but I enjoy knowing more about the authors too, as in your profile here today! Re love though - EVERY time my kids ended up in the hospital or the ER, my late husband was on travel. Never failed! Best wishes!

  2. Coleen, that cover is gorgeous. I think I've said that before, but bears repeating :) and I *knew* there was a steampunk story to look forward to too! Yay :)

  3. Hi Coleen! Really like your comment about the book being separate to the author :-) And Venice is on my list of places to revisit when I have more money ;-)

  4. @Veronica Some kids have lousy timing for their hospital visits!

    @Jenny Glad you like the cover. Carina Press does great covers.

    @Paula Not viewing my book as an extension of me makes bad reviews easier to bear (just a little).

  5. Thanks for dropping in Veronica, Jenny & Paula!

    It's an interesting thought about keeping the author separate from their books, but knowing a little more about them, their professional history, perhaps a little personal information can help foster that special connection in the readers mind with the creator of the work they're reading. Actually meeting them can be as exciting as anticipating their latest release! :-)

  6. Hi Coleen,
    Congratulations on your first book! The cover is gorgeous. I hope it sells superbly. And selling book 2 so quickly - well done!

    I love reading, so I'll be looking out for your books (*sigh* Kylie is increasing my TBR pile horrendously!)

    Good luck with your writing,

  7. Thanks @Cath and thanks @Kylie for having me :)

  8. Hi Coleen,

    lovely cover and the book sounds great too =)

    And yes, Kylie is very bad at making our TBR piles huge!!