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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jenny Schwartz "THREE WISHES" giveaway winner announced!

Did everyone survive Halloween intact? I hope so because anyone who commented (the trick) has been put into the draw (the treat) for a copy of Jenny's book THREE WISHES.

Using the most reliable method known to humankind, Jenny put everyone's names into a hat and drew one out.

The winner is:

Book Chatter Cath

If you could contact Jenny directly - jenny(dot)schwartz(dot)711(at)gmail(dot)com - to let her know your preference, a PDF or e-pub version of THREE WISHES.

Happy Halloween reading!


  1. THANKS SO much Kylie and Jenny :)


  2. Happy reading, Cath! And I see you've gone and bought two more in the same series - Jenny will be chuffed! :-) Thanks for participating and supporting our local authors!