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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visiting New Zealand (again)

Yes, that time of year came and went, again - the annual trek to visit New Zealand.

I flew straight from Melbourne (and the RWAustralia conference) to Auckland and spent a lovely few days with Clare Scott, a fellow RWNZ'er, and her husband Doug, before attending the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference.


I met their cute and cuddly pets Garfield and Kelsey while I was visiting.

In the few days before I attended the conference I took the chance to visit the Auckland Botanical Gardens (a beautiful, peaceful place).

Ducks were everywhere in the gardens...
So were pukeko's!
Succulents and cactii

The lake and surrounds were lovely
One Tree Hill, Auckland, NZ

Doug and Clare also took me up to One Tree Hill to get a 360 degree view of Auckland.

It might have been windy and cold (NZ had just had a record amount of snow dumped on it) but it was spectacular being able to put the geography in persepctive - the CBD, Mt.Wellington, Rangitoto Island, the two harbours and the Coromandel Peninsula.
Rangitoto Island, Auckland, NZ
Sad to say it's another year and another visit over... :-(


  1. Cyber-gremlins ate my last comment!
    I thought that doggie looked familiar!!! Happy to have had a visitor from the West Island - promise that next time (next year???) you come to stay we will explore MUCH more...

  2. Hey Kylie,
    Glad you enjoyed your time here......maybe next time we could meet up for a girly lunch :)
    It would be a blast to meet up with you.....

  3. Cath I'd love to drop in next time - you're near Waihi somewhere aren't you?

  4. Waihi is about 120km from me...I'm currently in North Waikato which is pretty much half way between Auckland and Hamilton(lots of green fields and cows!!) but we might be moving up near Whangerei (I've never been there so I couldnt say what its like other than its close to some beaches) for hubbies work but I'm sure we could find something to do or see to keep us occupied :)