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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Christmas Shopping List

There is nothing I like more than being let loose in a bookstore (virtual or real) and filling a bag with books to take home and read.

Christmas time is my excuse to hit bookstores with my gift list of family and friends to buy for and guaranteed I DON'T come out of a bookstore empty handed. I swear I must have been a librarian or literature professor in a former life.

Anyhow, if you're wondering what books to buy someone who loves the romance genres I can make some personal recommendations (just try and stop me! - heh, heh).

A lot of my recommendations belong under the paranromal romance umbrella, but I've thrown in a handful of other genres as well.

Paranormal Romance
Nalini Singh -  (NZ author) her Psy/Changeling. Once tasted you'll kill anyone who gets in your way to devour...umm, I mean, buying the rest.

 Larissa Ione - if you like alpha demons/slayers, end of the world plots and twisty storylines set in modern times, then try the Demonica series.

Mel Teshco - her Winged & Dangerous series is my favorite. I love that she's used gargoyle shapeshifters as her characters (makes a change from the vampires & werewolves).

Urban Fantasy
Nalini Singh - the Angel series. Refer to my comment above.

Fantasy Romance
Kylie Griffin - (Aussie author) totally bias here, I know :-). Demons, half-breed demons, humans, magic, political intrigue & secrets set in a fantasy style world.

M.J.Scott - (another Aussie author) SHADOW KIN has been nicknamed a gas-light romance. I recently read this book and loved the complex world-building, not to mention the characters.

Denise Rossetti - (Aussie author) - the Four-Sided Pentacle or Phoenix Rising series are both great reads. For anyone who loves alpha heroes and wonderful world-building.

Elizabeth Vaughan - the Warprize series. I don't know how many times I've read the first three in this series. I've worn out the spines and need to buy a new set.

Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Joss Ware - Some of you might know she's been a guest here on my blog a couple of times now as I've really taken a shine to her Envy Chronicles series.
Not only does she give readers a Mad-Max meets zombies style setting, there's romance, mystery and are plenty of pop-culture references to giggle over in these books.

Science Fiction Romance
Sara Creasy - Her Scarabaeus series. Solid, engrossing SF with an element of romance where her characters fight to survive with the odds well and truly stacked against them. Techies will love the flavor of her bio-cyph & terra-forming world-building.

Linnea Sinclair - any of her Dock Five series. For anyone who likes their SF and romance mixed.

Lauren Dane - the Federation or Phantom Corps series. They're SF with an erotic heat level (fan the face stuff).

Western Romance
Sarah McCarthy - I've just discovered her Hell's Eight series. Phew-ey!!! Texas Rangers, bonded through a bloody past, determined to carve their place out of the wilderness, who take on heroines as challenging as the land itself.
I love a good western but these are hot (aka erotic) as well.

Lorelei James - more cowboys, this time bull-riders & ranchers in the Blacktop Cowboys series. Again, the heat level is hot, so don't go reading them in a barn.

Romantic Suspense
Jo Davis - like firefighters? Then check out the Firefighters of Station Five. Stuff them into your stocking and be prepared for a hot Christmas.

Historical Romance
Anna Campbell - (Aussie author) Regency romance at its best.

Bronwen Evans - (NZ author) her debut Regency romance is nominated for a Romantic Times Awards.

Anne Gracie - (Aussie author) more Regency romance. Anne's humor makes me keep coming back for more.


  1. Great list, Kylie. I think I have to check out a book called 'Vengeance Born'. *wink*

  2. Wow, Kylie, that's some seriously great company you've included me in. Thank you!!!!

  3. Wow, thanks Kylie =)))

    So glad you enjoyed the W&D series. And there's quite a few books on your list I have yet to check out - including Lauren Dane (been meaning to for a while now)

  4. Fabulous list Kylie. Will keep note of when and where I can get those books :)

  5. You're an evil woman, Kylie. ;) My TBR pile now defies gravity. Thanks for including me. :)

  6. Denise, Mel & Anna - it's always a pleasure to recommend local authors and you know I LOVE your books!!! :-)

    Nicole, have a great break and I hope you find time to read a couple of these!

    Eleni, you are a gem! *VBG*

  7. Well - it's a little closer until the mailman delivers my copy of Vengeance Born - can't wait!!

    This is a fantastic list - and those covers are gorgeous. I'm also a bit of a sucker for a series and there are a couple there I hadn't thought of - thanks!

  8. Kylie - some old favorites and some new voices to discover, what could be better? Thanks for the great list!!!

  9. Happy to pass on a good reading suggestion, LaVerne! :-)

    Hi Keely! Hope you found a new author or two to try!