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Monday, December 5, 2011

TOPIC: International Volunteer Day!

It's International Volunteer Day today!

So, thanks to all our volunteers, whatever you do, whichever organisation you belong to.

You do such wonderful work and so many appreciate the time and effort you donate! You make your community a better place for it.

A special shout out to all the State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service volunteers and Community First Responders out there!

Are you a volunteer in any organisation?

I'd love to hear about the many different roles people volunteer for.


  1. Last year I was a volunteer with Ipswich Community Aid... teaching the elderly how to make jewellery. This year, after volunteering with the flood clean up in the Ipswich area, things changed and now I'm down to fund raising for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Australia and sorting book club brochures for the prep classes in my daughter's school.
    The world would be a different place if people could volunteer for just an hour a week.

  2. Foodbank for me. Just a couple of hours a fortnight, putting together food parcels. Especially enjoyable around Christmas with all the extra treats to add, imagining how pleased the family will be when they get the parcel. A lot of companies donated products, not to mention all the individuals who gave food each seek at the churches involved and those folk who came to collect and deliver them. My daughter used to volunteer at a cat rescue place - it was cleaning out cages, but she loves those cats!!

  3. SPCA for us - we do Outreach (visits with the dogs to institutions) and Dog Squad - collecting (with the dogs) for SPCA. And at Christmas we always do a pet food/supplies/toys/bedding etc collection to take into the shelter for those less-fortunate animals. We have an annual Pink Party fundraiser for Breast Cancer too. Voluteering can be lots of fun and very gratifying! Thanks to all the unseen and unrecognised heroes, especially those who save lives - like you guys! Safe happy holidays everyone!!!

  4. Some great work happening here, everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nothing earth-shattering, but I am volunteer webmistress for a couple of non-profit organisations, help out with my son's cub pack most weeks and am on the scout group committee, help teach at his martial arts lessons, man the canteen at his AFL games (& hubby is on the AFL team committee).. All those little parent volunteer jobs that make the world go round :)

    A big thanks to everyone who volunteers in some way - big or small - but especially those who put their own life at risk to help the rest of us.

  6. My hubby is a volunteer ambo. I love the St Johns advert (on TV in WA) about real-life heroes!!

  7. Thanks to you Kylie for volunteering for all you do. You are an inspiration.

    I'm not in your sphere, but I do tend to volunteer for my writing organisations.