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Saturday, December 17, 2011

CRAFT: What are tag-lines?

In the writing world there are a myriad of terms that are bandied around, some more familiar than others.

Tag lines - ever heard of them? I hadn't until a few years into my journey as a writer. They're the words, usually placed on the front cover of a book, that hint at the story within.

For example, on the front cover of my first book, VENGEANCE BORN (Bk#1 in the Light Blade series), the tag line reads:


 On ALLIANCE FORGED (Bk#2 in the Light Blade series), the tag line is:


They hint at something within the book or a theme of the book. In the case of VENGEANCE BORN, the tag line reveals a hint about the heroine's bloodline. In ALLIANCE FORGED, it's a play on the heroine's occupation (she's a priestess) and the role she plays to save the hero.

Tag lines aren't easy to come up with either - sometimes it might take a couple of weeks to create something that could be only a few words long of a phrase. Ask me how I know! LOL

When one is created, the cover copy crew, author and editor all consider things like the themes within the book, the occupations of the characters, secrets, events that happen in the book, elements/personalities of the characters. 

And while tag lines might not seem like much in the grand scheme of getting a book published, it adds a layer of meaning to it that's quite underrated. I know I certainly appreciate them more now that I know the process that goes into creating them!

Let have a look at some others.

One drop can kill you...
or thrill you...


Sworn to vengeance.
Blinded by love.

Her next jump may be her last.


The city is alive tonight...
and it's her job to keep it that way.


The change was only the beginning.


Slave. Sword-wielder. Spy.
Some girls have all the luck.

So, next time you take a look at the front cover of a book, check out the tag line and take a moment to appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating them.

Have you found any clever tag-lines?


  1. Thanks Kylie for your interesting blog and can't wait for your book release.


  2. Some great examples of tag-lines there, Kylie. Inventing them is nothing short of torture!! I think some people have a real knack and the rest of us blunder along hoping something comes together...

    Thanks for a year of excellent blogs! Hope you have a Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!

  3. Lucky for me, Berkley came up with my tag lines! I found it torture enough sending in a three paragraph blurb of the story for them :-)

  4. You know I've never really thought about tag lines before, but you're right, they're so important to adding depth. And I love the ones you added =)

  5. LOL Christina! You're lucky the team was able to do that for you. My editor and I worked on both of mine for a good couple of weeks for each!

  6. Mel, until I went through the process I never took much notice of them or gave them much thought either.

    Now though I love reading them and trying to work out what significance they have in relation to the story.

    Some are certainly very clever and I love that added layer of meaning.