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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vengeance Born surprise...

A nice surprise from Publishers Weekly...
In Griffin’s well-drawn fantasy world, humans are oppressed and enslaved by the demonic Na’Reish. Annika is a Na’Chi, the result of cross-breeding between the races. She possesses powerful healing powers and her father, Na’Rei Savyr, is leader of the Na’Reish, but she’s nonetheless reviled, considered an abomination. When she rescues Kalan Tyn, leader of the human’s Blade Council, and asks his assistance in freeing the Na’Chi from the Na’Reish, the wheels of romance are deftly set in motion. A complex plot involving the Na’Chi freedom struggles keeps the taut and intricate narrative moving as Annika and Kalan slowly develop their emotional connection. Readers will look forward to future installments in a potentially long-running series. Agent: Elaine Spencer, the Knight Agency. (Feb.)


  1. It is, isn't it? :-) Still smiling...

  2. OMG Kylie! Well done :) A great Christmas present. I particularly like the last line - "Readers will look forward to future installments in a potentially long-running series." WOW!! That's an awesoem compliment!! WOoooooHoooo

    Happy Christmas.
    Cath xo

  3. Cath, it's a fantastic Christmas present. :-) Thanks for dropping by - have a quiet, or at least relaxing Christmas yourself.

  4. Kylie, congrats on getting reviewed by PW (and that they said awesome things about your book!!!!!)

  5. Fantastic, Kylie. You deserve it after all your hard work :)

  6. Thanks Amanda & Coleen! Still smiling... :-)

  7. Kylie, this is fabulous! Congrats on such an amazing review.