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Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Boxing Day!

For Aussies this day usually means a recovery from Christmas Day.

A day of veging out at home, usually watching the Boxing Day cricket test between Australia and England, eating leftovers from Christmas lunch/dinner and relaxing.

Childhood memories I have at this time of year...
  • Summer heat - so hot you could fry an egg on a shovel (yeah, I've tried it!)
  • pigging out on Christmas lunch
  • drinking shandies (lemonade/Sprite mixed with a dash of beer)
  • ham in a bag

  • wearing thongs (flip-flops, jandles, not underwear)

  • cats wrecking the Christmas tree and shredding the tinsel
  • Santa stockings
  • backyard cricket with the rellos
  • running under the sprinkler in your cozzies (swimwear)

    • eating watermelon

    • mosquitoes (buzzing at night when you're trying to sleep, if it's not too hot)
    • going to the Christmas church service with nan & pop
    • lots of laughter

    • watching cricket on TV with dad
    • oh, and did I mention the Summer heat?

    I wish everyone a host of good memories!


    1. Hey Kylie,

      hope you had a great Christmas day!

      You're pretty spot on with the memories of Xmas days gone... it's a great time of the year for families just getting together =)

    2. Mel, this Christmas is the second within living memory that it's hasn't been super hot (at least not at our place).

      Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! :-)

    3. I love Boxing Day - time to play with your presents, relax and eat leftovers!

    4. Happy Boxing Day to everyone.
      Definitely a day to veg out and eat yummy leftovers.
      DVD's from yesterday's haul of presents are already lined up for watching.
      Enjoy your day,

    5. Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and Boxing Day.

      E x

    6. Many of your Christmas memories are still alive and well at our place, Kylie! The Ham bag sits in the fridge as we speak. The cicadas are chirping outside and the day is heating up to a hot one. (The first really hot one all season!)

      Summer hols are the only time I seem to drink shandies. It used to be our Christmas Eve treat as kids - a piece of Christmas cake and a very, very, very light shandy. All those years later, I still want a shandy with my Christmas cake...

      For me it's stilol Christmas mass with the grandies, bon-bon crackers and silly jokes that we all groan and belly laugh over as we eat our hot roast for Christmas lunch. This year we hosted about 25. And every Christmas afternoon I think I can't do this again - and every new Christmas I eagerly put my hand up again.

      Changes? Now of course we drink champagne and cocktails - back then when I was a kid the adults drank beer or lemonade and cups of tea. We kids drank coke or ginger beer. (Though I hate ginger beer!) And now it's volley ball in the pool for those who can be bothered to stir themselves after gorging on lunch, instead of cricket in the back yard.

      Thanks for this post - I really enjoyed it.

    7. Kaz, it's funny what ends up a tradition for Christmas, doesn't it? Some are universal (like the ham, the bon-bons and backyard cricket) but I also like the idea of making a new tradition just for your family, one the kids and grandkids will remember in years to come.

      So, glad you enjoyed the post. :-)