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Saturday, June 23, 2012

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Kymora - the blind priestess of Alliance Forged

I thought I'd share some facts and information about Kymora, the heroine, from ALLIANCE FORGED. 

Kymora - as I imagine her.
Name: Kymora

Race: Human

Age: 28

Background: Kymora is the Temple Elect, the high priestess of Sacred Lake and the human provinces. Her Gift was discovered during a search and she entered the Temple as an acolyte at the age of ten.

When she was chosen by the Lady to replace her predecessor, the Blade Council of the time protested her appointment. Having struggled for years to show others she was more than capable, despite her physical disability, Kymora harbored doubt about to her ability to cope. But determined to show them she could she kept her doubts to herself. It was two years before her brother, Kalan, became the Lady's Chosen, but she often went to both him and Arek for advice in her role as Temple Elect.

The skilled use of her Gift and dedication to her faith earned Kymora great respect and admiration from those around her. It also allowed her a unique insight into people's thoughts and hearts, which she was able to use to the benefit of her Lady's will.

Kymora first met Varian in the Temple when he entered Sacred Lake to find out what had become of Annika (in VENGEANCE BORN). She soon became a champion of the Na'Chi after realising they were the ones the Lady referred to in Her message to the Blade Council.

Skills: Kymora is able to sense others emotions in their auras. She is able to read people more accurately if she can touch them. In her early days as an acolyte she used her Gift to help resolve conflicts.

Kymora learned to use a staff not only as a guide to getting around but also as a weapon.

Interesting Facts:
    • Kymora and Kalan's parents were traders who travelled all over the provinces but used Sacred Lake as their home base.
    • 6 year old Kymora contracted Claret-rash from her mother. While her mother died, she survived but was blinded as a result - one of the less severe side effects of the disease. But the event triggered her Gift - being able to sense peoples auras and through that, their emotions.
    • She went from acolyte to Temple Elect at the young age of 21, only the second person in human history to ascend to the position in this fashion.
    • In her role as Temple Elect, the Lady visits and speaks to her. It's Kymora's responsibility to inform the Blade Council of any message or edict given to her, whether she agrees with it or not.
    • She dislikes the scent of vaa'jahn, the healing herb used as a generic antiseptic by Healers.
    • Kymora loves the tactile sensation of Varian's Na'Chi marking on his body.
    • Keri-blossom is a floral scented incense that she prefers above all others.


    1. Oooo, I like the picture you chose of Kymora! And I think it's interesting that you opted for her to be blinded from a sickness and not from birth. Cool!

    2. Great pic, I love that ushered how you see her! Such a great character =)