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Saturday, June 16, 2012

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Varian - the Na'chi leader in Alliance Forged

As an introduction to the characters from ALLIANCE FORGED, today I'd like you to meet Varian, the hero.

Name: Varian

Race: Na'Chi (half demon, half human hybrid)

Age: 26

Background: Varian was one of the first Na'Chi children, other than Annika, saved by human slave Hesia. The elderly healer discovered him scrounging for food in a pile of rubbish.

After a failed attempt to live among the human slaves and Na'Reish in the Gannec fortress (with eyes that change color with their emotions, discovery led to the death of one of their own), Varian and the other Na'Chi resorted to hiding and living in the forest surrounding the fortress. Living outside they fine tuned their scouting and ambush techniques and managed to remain hidden.

Varian became leader of the Na'Chi at a young age. With Hesia's guidance and influence, he kept them safe.

When Annika and Kalan escaped the Gannec fortress (in VENGEANCE BORN), Varian followed them and led the Na'Chi into human territory, in the hope of bringing Hesia's dream to fruition - to establish an alliance with the humans and find a new home.

Skills: All Na'Chi possess Na'Reish strength and heightened senses. As a Na'Chi scout Varian is able to tap into his Na'Reish half in a heartbeat and during battle becomes as strong and fast as a full-blooded Na'Reish. But the more he uses his gifts the more he comes to enjoy and anticipate the high of battle rush, and the harder it is to resist.

Interesting facts:
  • Varian shares a close friendship with Lisella, one of the Na'Chi females who sees past his scar and fearsome reputation.
  • During a fight with a Na'Reish demon, Varian ended up with a scar on his right cheek, from eye to jaw line.
  • He considers Zaune, one of the younger Na'Chi scouts, one of his friends as the youth reminds him of himself at a younger age.
  • He prefers the company of the Na'Chi children as they accept him for who he is.
  • He professes no faith in the Lady as he believes she abandoned the Na'Chi to their suffering at the hands of the Na'Reish.
  • The beads in his hair signify certain events in his life.
  • Varian greatest fear is succumbing to battle rush and being unable to control the beast inside him.


  1. Ooo!!! This is a neat idea! Will we get to know more about the events each bead signifies in Alliance Forged? That'd be awesome. And I like his arm cuff! lol

  2. Alyssa, you will indeed find out what the beads in Varian's hair mean in ALLIANCE FORGED. :-)

  3. waiting eagerly....


  4. Replies
    1. Does it feel like forever for you?

      It would for me, I'm sure. Love the count down thingo on the right.

      I'm confident that 'Alliance Forged,' is going to be smashingly popular and the cover art on your books is divine.


  5. Yummo ;p
    16 days and counting...but my copy is coming from TBD so the wait could be double that :(

  6. Good grief, Cath, are none of my heroes safe from you? :-D

    I hope TBD is swift in its delivery this time around!

  7. LOL!!
    I like to have many heroes on the go all at once Kylie ;P
    ...you gotta admit though, your heroes are VERY appealing (even without the cover art)