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Monday, October 25, 2010

Agents, editors & book deals...oh, my!

Ever get the feeling you've been overwhelmed by something big and by the time you stop to take stock of yourself it's too late and you find that it's swallowed you whole?

Does the avalanche analogy springs to mind?

Well, these last couple of weeks have been a bit like that. Without boring you with too many details, I'm VERY pleased and excited to announce that I now have an agent - Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency; an editor - Leis Pederson, and a three-book deal with the Berkley Publishing Group (in the USA).

Anyone who knows a writer and the time and effort they go through to break into the publishing industry will understand just what a HUGE thrill it is and just how EXCITED I am in being able to share this news.

So, what's in the near future besides more writing? Definitely some steep learning curves and the start of an exciting career as a published author. Wow, wow, wow!

Hi world, I'm Kylie Griffin - Berkley's newly discovered paranormal romance author!


  1. You sure deserve this, Kylie. You've worked so hard and have certainly done your apprenticeship - and passed with First Class Honours. Go you, you new author!
    PS - Can I have your autograph? ;-)

  2. Hi Clare,

    You can have my autograph, no problem. Just promise me you'll buy the book so I can write it on the cover page! *VBG*

  3. Woo Hoo (insert balloons and confetti here)
    THAT is super, super awesome
    Hope your going to treat yourself or have a little party to celebrate =}

  4. Fantastic news, Kylie! A fabulous deal - it's HUGE!!! You've worked tirelessly at your own writing while still finding time to promote so many other writers through your blog and the RWA and RWNZ newsletters so this is karma rewarding you big time!!

    Enjoy every moment of your success :-)

  5. Good karma indeed, Helene. May it long continue! :-)

    Hi, Cath! Thanks for the congrats - I appreciate it a lot! And yes, I'm going to celebrate with a BBQ with friends and family.

  6. Hey Kylie

    Well done, you have worked so darn hard for this - and now its happened - you soooo deserve it - wow - a 3 book deal - fantastic!!!!!!

    Stay up on cloud 9 a bit longer - enjoy the experience!

    Bye 4 now

  7. Mega congrats, Kylie! I can only reiterate what others have said - you've worked long and hard and you've given so much for others too. Enjoy the ride, sweetie - YOU SOOOOOO DESERVE THIS!!! Can't wait to buy your books!!!!!!!

  8. Sooo exciting. Congratulations Kylie. Absolutely fantastic news. So you must write down all the details of the Call etc. We want to know!

  9. Kylie,
    Your call story made me cry,
    I am so so so happy for you,
    So well deserved for such a hard working author,
    Enjoy your success,

  10. Thanks, everyone, all your emails and messages have made me a bit teary eyed as well. I love being a part of such fantastic organisations - we support and encourage each other so much!

  11. Congratulations, Kylie. I wish you every success!!!

  12. What a fantastic way to end your blog party ... an announcement like THAT!!
    Yeah Kylie! Mega-congrats.

  13. OMG squeee! Kylie, I'm so happy for you! Huge congratulations on signing with your agent and your fab three book deal! Welcome, fellow Berkley Babe!!!

  14. Barbara & Catherine, thank you! And yes, what a way to end the blog party indeed. :-)

    Hey, Christina, there's a few of us southern girls at Berkley now, eh? Woohoo!

  15. This is just the best news - I am so happy for you. Boy, did you keep us guessing and in suspense! Yahooooooooooooooo for you!

  16. Alli, the whole thing didn't happen quite the way I expected it to - you know how you imagine THE CALL in your head a million times and then when it does happen, all those scenarios just get chucked out the window and you end up feeling like a feather in a tornado. LOL

  17. I completely relate to feeling a bit like a feather in the wind--or how about a tornado? But then, it makes sense, doesn't it? Why would any of us really want to know how amazing the ride is going to be!

    So happy for you Kylie, can't wait to read your new series! Yay!

  18. Gjillian, thank you! It really is such an amazing time. I'm making notes as I go so I don't forget the little things amidst everything that's happening.

  19. I just realised I haven't congratulated you here. Must be the only place I haven't.



    Wonderful, fantabulous and very deserved.