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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Year of Blogging


It'll be a year to the day on October 6th since I started my blog.

I hope the posts have been informative and fun to read. There's certainly been plenty of topics to cover and discuss. My favourites have been, and always will be, the guest authors - it's always a hoot interviewing and learning more about them.

Thank you to everyone who has dropped by to leave comments or lend their support in any way.

To celebrate, I'm giving away free books all this month! To be in the draws just read the posts, answer my questions or challenges and leave a comment - Aussie locals and overseas visitors are welcome to participate!

The books will be from a mix of authors and genres. Check out the list below.
  • Colters' Woman - Maya Banks
  • Outcast - Joan Johnston
  • The Accidental Vampire - Lynsay Sands
  • Red-Hot Australians:Outback Engagements - Margaret Way
  • Lincoln's Sword - Debra Doyle & James D.Macdonald
  • Wanted:A Father For Her Twins - Emily Forbes
  • Sugar & Spice - Leda Swann
  • Prince Incognito - Linda Goodnight
  • Nicholas - Elizabeth Amber
  • Raine - Elizabeth Amber
  • Lyon - Elizabeth Amber

Here's to another year of good things!


  1. Wow, a year - congratulations Kylie!!! Here's to more fun blogging :))

  2. Thanks, Eleni! I have some great guest author interviews coming up over the next few months - but my lips are sealed (for now)! :-)

  3. Congratulations on your year of blogging, Kylie!

  4. That has gone so fast Kylie. I can't believe it. Look forward to the next year ahead.

  5. Thanks, Eleni, Christina & Nicky. For someone who originally resisted getting into blogging I've found a lot of enjoyment doing it.