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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Business Cards

Prior to writing conference time there's a lot of talk about what sort of business card a writer needs and what information should go on it.

After reading many e-messages and chatting with others going to conference, I went with simple and professional - author name, brand line, website address and email. I decided to have mine professionally printed rather than DIY, but this choice is entirely up to you.

Things not to put on your business card:
  • personal address
  • personal phone number/s
  • personal email address
  • a background that obscures your information
When handing out your business card, and depending on the situation, you can always pen any personal information on the back.

So, what's your business card look like? What sort of information do you have on yours? Share (by midnight Aussie EST, 10th October) and you'll go into the draw for Leda Swann's book, SUGAR & SPICE.

!!! Don't forget to leave a contact email address or check back in on the day I announce the winner! If you haven't claimed the prize in 48hrs I'll draw another name from my coffee cup.


  1. Hi Kylie,
    I had a ton of business cards made up with a gorgeous and erotic image (but still tasteful) of lovers kissing. I did this for my first ebook release of Stone-Cold Lover and had that title emblazoned across the cards. Note to self: I will have many more books out before business cards will ever be handed out...

  2. I like the idea of not giving too much personal info but leaving room to write numbers and things on the back. Good idea.

  3. Hi Mel - how many did you get printed at the time? Do you stick to the same design and "brand" yourself?

    Thanks for dropping in Bron!

    Just remember - leave an email contact address so I can get in touch with you for the prize draw if you win!

  4. I have a picture of me on mine. I debated it and debated it, but it's small and black and white and I think it turned out okay.


    Happy Birthday, Kylie's blog!

  5. Hey Abigail, good to have you here and thanks for your comment!

    I n this internet age with websites, author portraits on covers, FB etc. a picture shouldn't be too much of an issue.I guess it's personal preference, eh?

  6. Hey Kylie, like you my business card has my name, brandline, email and website. I also have my fairy avatar on the card. I see it as a form of branding. A lot of people associate that fairy with me now. LOL!

    I did have initially cards that also had my PO Box but left that out of the latest batch of cards.

  7. Your fairy avatar is quite distinctive - and I think that's a great way to brand yourself or at least make yourself memorable to anyone you may hand it out to.