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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More RWOz Conference

A smattering of odds and sods photos from the Romance Writers of Australia conference.

And two (2) more free books to give-away to celebrate my month-long October Blog Anniversary! Just tell me what's your favourite part about going to a conference or convention (World Con, Comic Con, RWA, RWOz, RWNZ, etc.)?

Make sure you leave a comment by 23rd October (midnight EST) and you'll go into the draw.

!!! Don't forget to leave a contact email address or check back in on the day I announce the winner! If you haven't claimed the prize in 48hrs I'll draw another name from my coffee cup.

RWA theme for the conference

Paula Roe @ the ARRA signing event

Kris P., the RWNZ exec. rep. from across the ditch

The gorgeous table dec's for the Awards dinner

Bec S. clowning around...or is she?
Erin & I enjoying a cocktail or two


  1. I have not had the obvious pleasure that you seem to have had (lovely photos) by going to a conference but I am going to the Armageddon Expo this weekend in Auckland with my hubby!!! Yay I'm very excited!!!
    I was hoping to go on Saturday so I could get a book autographed by Nalini Singh but cant get a sitter! (can you believe my kids DONT want to go) So we are going on Sunday instead =]
    Anyway, cool blog and you have some very interesting stories =]

  2. Hi Cath's Chatter! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog and that you find some gems of information here.

    Oh, how cool that you're going to Armageddon Expo! I have another NZ'er friend who's headed there - sooooo jealous!

    Hope you get to meet Nalini, she's a lovely lady and she writes darn great books! :-)

  3. Hi Kylie,

    My favorite part of conferences (apart from meeting everyone of course) would be all the great workshops and lectures. Very tired at the end of the conference but its always well worth it (apart maybe from getting sick off someone)

  4. LOL, Julieann. I think quite a few of us ended up with a bug at the end of a couple of conferences!

    And all those great workshops and lectures make it hard for delegates to choose between. :-) I know I had problems.

  5. Looks like you all had a blast! :) I love meeting new people with similar interests at conferences.

  6. Wow, where do you start?

    Networking; amazing tutorials; learning so many new things that can only help you in the craft; the chance to meet some of your favorite authors/publishing house reps; the chance to offer your work up to those said houses; to have local industry professionals, like pubbed authors, take the time and actually CARE about us unpubbed fledglings, helping us how they can.

    And last but not least, catching up with people you may only have met online, through loops and groups and to really connect, making friendships that will last a lifetime.

    How can you classify an experience like that? You can't. It has importance and an effect beyond measure.

  7. Hi Gillian - thanks for coming by the blog. It's great to have you here.

    Michelle, I totally agree with everything you said. There are soooo many valuable aspects to conference, and while sometimes you end up overwhelemed by it all, you ALWAYS take away something. And for a bunch of mostly introverts, boy, can we all talk!!! LOL

  8. Kylie,
    Favourite part for a shy and retiring person like me????
    Talking with friends I haven't seen for a year, talking with published authors for great advice,
    talking to editors and agents,
    Catching up,

  9. Oh how can I pick just one thing? Kylie, I went to both the RWAus conference this year and WorldCon, oh and the Adelaide Roadshow earlier in the year. What I love about writing conferences is the feeling of community. Now with RWAus i feel that more because it is a smaller group and I have been involved longer, but really being somewhere where people get your need to write is a wonderful thing.

  10. Suzi, no, you talking? I find that hard to believe! LOL - thanks for coming by.

    Eleni, I'm so jealous of you having been to WorldCon, what an experience that would have been - and much, much larger than the conference in Coogee. You're dead right with the sense of RWA community though.