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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Have you read a good sci-fi romance lately?

It's great to see sci-fi/futuristic romance cultivating an interest with people and long may it continue. There's nothing like picking up a good SFR novel.

Same goes for SF movies with romantic elements. Look at some of the ones that have been released recently (and a few fav's from the past):
  • Avatar
  • The Time Traveller
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Transformers 1 & 2
  • Gattaca
  • Star Man
  • The Matrix Trilogy
  • Star Wars 1-6
  • Dark Angel TV series
  • Jericho TV series
  • Farscape TV series
  • Firefly TV series & Serenity
Have you read a good SFR novel lately? Want to?

I know just the spot to find a galaxy of authors who write them - the Science Fiction Romance Brigade (of which I'm a member - yes, this is a plug, I'm totally biased :-D ). We have a mix of published and unpublished authors.

The SFRB has a website and blog and our purpose is to have fun, network with like-minded writers, build our name recognition and future reader base, and socialize with other SFR NG ("next generation") writers who love science fiction romance.

So, head on over to either site and check us out, and if you're so inclined, become a member! And while you're there check out our authors and their SFR novels in the member links listed on our blog. You just never know what great books you might find!

And for some more October Blog Anniversary goodness - if you can leave a comment and the name of one SFRB member (besides myself!) in your comment, you'll go into the draw for three of Elizabeth Amber's Lords of Satyr series! Comments close October 13th (midnight Aussie EST).

!!! Don't forget to leave a contact email address or check back in on the day I announce the winner! If you haven't claimed the prize in 48hrs I'll draw another name from my coffee cup.

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  1. I loved science fiction from a very early age, and have seen most of those movies/tv shows. Star Wars made a huge impact on my young mind soooo many years ago. :) I'll have to jump over and check out the SFRB.

  2. Hey Kylie,
    I'm up for winning some books. To name a SFRB member, I believe I saw ERICA HAYES listed there. Love her Shadowfae books, can only imagine any sci-fi she wrote would be a real knock out!

  3. I cut my SciFi teeth on Robert Heinlein -- he wrote fabulous heroines! And since there are far too many authors great SciFi authors in my bookcase to list, I'l finish off with these two: the Star Doc series by S.L. Viehl, and Robin D. Owens' "Heart" series.

    As for fellow SFR Brigade members, since Jess beat me to Erica , I'll chose fellow Kiwi, author Shelley Munro.

  4. Gillian, I can remember the absolute wonder of watching Star Wars in the old local picture theater as a young kid.

    The excitement of lining up to go through the doors, the smell of popcorn, the music of the now famous Darth Vader symphony, and the interaction of the audience at what happened on the screen is so vivid in my memory.

    Bless George Lucas and his imagination!

  5. Jess, great to see you here! :-) And welcome to the ranks of SFRB!!! I'm glad you found us.

    And you definitely go into the draw - Erica is a member of SFRB!

    Hello to another newly joined Brigader! Thanks for transporting in, Maree :-D Oh, I loved Robert Heinlein's STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND. That book was one of the first SF novels I read. And Robin Owens' HEART series is great too. I've read the first couple and need to buy the others and get back to them. So many books, limited time...

  6. What a cool site!!
    I see Erica Hayes is one of the members there!
    I left a comment in the 'visitors' section =)

  7. Maree, I forgot to mention - you're in the draw. Shelley Munro is another Brigader! Nice to see so many DownUnder writers among the ranks, a great mix of nationalities - very Star Trek Federation'ish!

  8. Hi Mel! Erica certainly is an SFRB'er. Thanks for leaving a sub-space message. Your name goes into my coffee cup!

  9. Kylie,
    now I'm all signed up - it's all your fault!!! LOL

  10. Way to go, Mel! Welcome to the SFRBrigade! :-)

  11. I'm arriving a little late to the party, but I wanted to say how much I love some of the movies you listed, Kylie. The first Matrix and the first (and second) Terminator movies are in my top ten list.
    I've got a suggestion to add to your list: an older sci fi movie, that I first saw as a kid and loved immediately, Logan's Run. I just saw it a few months ago as an adult and I think it's still great.

  12. Jacqui, LOGAN'S RUN with Michael York! How could I have forgotten that one? I watched it as a kid too, and loved the concept - imagine having your life end at 30? Shudder. Must see if I can find a copy and watch it again as an adult, see if my impression of it has changed.

    I've heard rumours that LR is being remade for release in 2012. Not sure who's directing or cast but will be interesting. Good to see some of the old sci-fi movies making a comeback!

  13. Oh look there is Erica Hayes, and Mel Teshco, and Maree Anderson.

    As for sci-fi romance - I've tended to watch sci-fi than read it, and so I haven't read much in the way of sci-fi romance. But the shows you listed- of those Farscape has such a fantastic love story with John and Aeryn.

    And you've made such a convincing plug, that I've joined up!!

  14. Eleni, this is fantastic! I never expected such a great response to SFRB - I'm glad it's interesting so many people.

    Looking at agent's blogs and after speaking to some at the various conferences, SFR seems to be getting some interest, particularly SFR with military elements. All good for SFRB writers.

    And you definitely can't beat FARSCAPE - great characters, gripping plot lines and solid entertainment.

  15. Hey there -- I'm a SFR Brigader! Does it count if I leave my own name? lol I'll also name Mel Teshco as a fellow Aussie.

    Just read a new release from Ellora's Cave called Alien Best Man by Amy Redwood -- it was quite good fun and v steamy.

  16. Hi Emmie, you're also a part of our RWAParanormal list, aren't you? We don't have too many Emmie's over there! :-)

    Yes, Mel Teshco is another Brigader. You're in the draw! And thanks for the EC recommendation, I'm always looking for another good book to add to my TBR pile!

  17. Gillian and Jacqui, you've forgotten to leave a name of one SFRB member with your comments. If you can do so by midnight tonight I'll include you in the draw for the books.