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Monday, October 25, 2010

October Blog Anniversary (THE END)

Hard to believe October is almost over. It's been a great month - lots of fun, some good-read give-aways, and people coming to the party!

This is my last free give-away - two (2) books again - OUTCAST by Joan Johnston & PRINCE INCOGNITO by Linda Goodnight.

Simple Q&A today - whether you're a writer or reader, what have you enjoy reading about in my blog over this past month/year?

Is it the guest authors who drop in? The odd book review? Promotion of new authors? Some of the craft articles? Finding out information about the romance industry? Photos of conferences or my travels? The free give-aways?

Share your thoughts by 31st October (midnight Aussie EST) and you could win the last draw of my October Blog Anniversary. !!! Don't forget to leave a contact email address or check back in on the day I announce the winner! If you haven't claimed the prize in 48hrs I'll draw another name from my coffee cup.

Thanks, everyone, for helping me celebrate a Year of Blogging!


  1. I loved it all!!
    You've introduced me to new authors (the tbr pile is growing)
    made me laugh (I'm always up for a good giggle)
    given me things to think about (stares off into space to ponder)
    All in all, a great blog that I've enjoyed reading and participating in. Thanks ♥xox♥

  2. Hi Kylie,

    Your Blog is always so interesting.
    I love being introduced to new authors, and seeing what happens in your world,whether it's travel,the writing industry or the latest tail about your cats.
    But I would have to say that the best thing that I have read on your blog would be your announcement about getting an agent, publisher & three book deal all in a couple of weeks.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Cath & Robyn, I'm really happy you like the variety of posts. Some are geared more towards the craft of writing for writers but I hope they make for interesting reading anyway.

    Robyn, thanks for all your support - I appreciate everything you've done and no doubt will continue to do (especially making sure I eat when I get into the writing zone). :-)

  4. Kylie, I may not have always made to the post on time but I've been reading as you go. :) I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! When I first read 5 pages of BLOODNBORN I instantly fell in love with your characters, your story and your voice.Then 3 chapters later, I wanted the rest of your story. You are on your way and I couldn't be happier for you. XOX Mary

  5. Sorry, I got carried away with enthusiasm to your great news. WHy do I like to check out your blog, interesting authors, great pics of ITALY.....I told you it was amazing, and just checking out what you are up to next. :)) Mary

  6. Hi Maryde, you've scraped in by the skin of your teeth! LOL Thank you for your feedback, I certainly appreciate it. Italy was a wonderful country to visit, so different.

    Thank you also for your compliment about BLOODBORN. I love being able to disappear into a story, so knowing you've enjoyed my work gives me such a sense of satisfaction. :-)