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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spring Fever!

Well, my cats are enjoying the warmer weather but with it comes Spring Fever.

Every year the three of them revert back to kittenhood and tear round the garden chasing each other, leaping after insects, ferreting under bushes, acting as "great hunters" as they pursue lizards through the mulch, lose their winter coats (usually all over me or the lounge) and stare up into the shrubs as birds feast on the pollen in the flowers.

Furball - on the carport lattice wall
 Furball's favourite spot is parking his furry butt in the shade near the carport to watch the world go by from there.

But he's always within safe fleeing distance of under the house in case something strange frightens him - yes, he's the wuss of the feline family.

Panda loves heights
Panda prefers any good fence post so she can stare into the grass and listen to the mysterious rustlings below her. She's the Indiana Jones cat - always out and about looking for adventure, exploring the gully, the sheep paddock across the laneway, the house across the road, the abandoned chicken pen next door...

Splat the guard cat
While Splat wanders through the laneway and back yard playing sentinel, making sure no intruder slips by her vigiliant watch - she can often be found curled up asleep on the mulch at various places around the garden. Great guard cat!

Do you have a pet with personality? What's their favourite pasttime?


  1. Kylie, what beautiful, beautiful cats! Splat, while her coloring is different, looks a lot like Pumpkin the Wondercat--he was a guard cat, too. often smacking passer-by dogs on the nose if they dared poke it into the courtyard. Right now, I have a kitten who's just a delight to watch grow, so curious and bright and naughty, while also keeping an 18-y-o comfortable. He used to be into everything-, always where you didn't want him to be. Now, he's my shadow. Joys, the pair of them.

  2. Hey Kylie - great to meet a fellow cat-lover!
    I have three of my own and a Lab. She's allergic to cats... One of them loves her to pieces and wraps his tail around her face and rubs up against her as he walks by. I haven't noticed my cats suffering from spring fever tho. They're too complacent and well-fed to get frisky!

  3. Gabrielle, your Pumpkin sounds like a gem - I would like to have seen him take on those pesky dogs! And new kittens are such great time wasters, aren't they?

    CC, oh your poor lab! I bet she's still great mates with the cats even though she has this allergy.

    Thanks for dropping by, ladies.

  4. What a gorgeous trio, Kylie! And I'll bet there's a bit of work in keeping them groomed too with that long hair. Especially this time of the year when they're losing their winter coats. We had a couple of chinchillas and after a good grooming session we almost had enough fur for a third cat!

    We've only got the chooks at the moment - and this batch of girls are still a bit on the timid side. We haven't encouraged them to get too friendly having found with previous hens that they get very bold and follow us to wherever we're working. It's very disconcerting if you're digging in the garden and a chook suddenly sees an irresistible morsel in the patch of dirt you're about to sink a hoe or or a spade in to!

  5. Sharon, I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing at your over eager chook story - I imagined you digging with said cook looking for worms, and then suddenly finding you had a chicken to bake for Sunday dinner! Oh, dear!!!

    Yes, having three long furred cats can be high maintenance - and this time of year you have not only shedding winter coats but lovely clover burrs and sticky beak prickles tangling in their fur - a nightmare that I deal with, with a pair of scissors and when they're asleep. It might mean they look a little shorn through spring but at least they're not matted and tangled! LOL

  6. Kylie, your cats are absolutely beautiful! Even though I love dogs and write books with doggy characters, cats are my first love. I have three cats at the moment -- my darling Kira died last year at 18 but her brother my ancient Albert is still hanging in there at 19 and I have Cindy and Tabitha. Even at Albert's age he gets a touch of spring fever. I call it "cat madness" when they tear around the place for no discernible reason.

  7. Kira and Albert are grand old ages - I'm guessing Albert likes to spend his days somewhere warm and sleeping more than the other two.

    Thanks for dropping in, Kandy!

  8. Your babies are gorgeous! We are down to one now, and he's scared to death of the big outdoors, which is probably a good thing around here. Not too outdoor cat friendly. Anyway, he will sneak onto the deck and sit against the house, next to the door. He's loving our fall coolness.

  9. Gillian, sounds like your feline friend might be long furred too. I know in Summer my cats like the creature comforts of A/C and only venture outside when the sun goes down.

  10. Kylie,
    What handsome cats! The days are getting shorter here but today we must have had temps in the 60s. My Hobbes (14) ran like he'd been shot out of a cannon--alas only for very short distances. He hangs out under a pine tree with lots of soft needles and keeps an eye on a rock pile the chipmunks frequent. Cheers to our faithful feline friends.

  11. Hi, Mary, I had such a visual of Hobbes chasing chipmunks! We don't get them here in Australia and I was trying to imagine my three coming face to face with some. Would make for an interesting meeting! LOL

    Furball though, has come face to face with an echidna (a bit like a hedgehog only with pricklier spines). That was fun to watch, eventhe neighbors enjoyed the show that unfolded.

    Furball and the echidna did the face to face, Mexican stand off thing for a good 5 mins before Furball broke eye contact and decided discretion was the better part of valor. But as soon as he did that the echidna charged him.

    Poor Furball leapt six foot in the air and skedaddled - it was a hold-the-ribs, side-splitting, guffawing event to see an echidna put the wind up a cat.

  12. Love the pics of your babies, Kylie!! One thing... outside cats? OUTSIDE!!! My poor ragdoll Pippin would have a coronary and fall down in a dead faint if he had to put his precious paws on that weird green stuff. He'll sit at the door and watch me, but refuses to set one foot out that door. Uh uh, nooo way! The lounge is a far more cat-friendly place, apparently! Wouldnt be without my man!

  13. Man, does Pippin have the life! Must be such a joy NOT to comb burrs and stickybeaks and grass out of his furr.

    But what a strange thing refusing to set foot on grass - he must be a sight to watch sometimes.