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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CONFERENCE TIME: Memorable Moments with...Jane Beckenham

With the conference season just around the corner, I begin counting down the days until I meet up with friends I usually only see once a year.

So much gets packed into 3-4 days and everyone's experiences are different. We go away with a variety of highlights or "a-ha" moments.

I thought I'd poll some of my RWAustralia & RW New Zealand friends and ask them to recall their most memorable moments of the conferences they've been to.

Over the coming weeks I'll be featuring these as snippets and as you'll read, you'll see just how special coming to conference can be. For any first timers out there, don't be nervous or afraid of going to conference. More often than not you're going to find yourself welcomed VERY warmly and will probably go away with a host of friends whom you can't wait to meet next year at conference.


Jane's Memories: My very first RWNZ conference gave me huge confidence to keep on going with this writing business. There I was in a room of like-minded women and at last I wasn't alone.

Also during one of the sessions, they said hands up who wanted a critique partner. Well, two women in my row, as well as myself put our hands up. We even found we lived within walking distance of each other.

Then there is the excitement and nerves of pitching, and getting a request. And, of course, if you head across the ditch, there's the wacky and wonderful costumes of the Aussie cocktail party attendees.

No one major moment stands out, except that as I head home from every conference I have a sense of renewed energy and purpose, a long with a dose of determination to keep on going.

RWNZ Conference
Writing and going to conference has really enriched my life, giving me wonderful friendships, and for that alone, going to conferences is well worth the investment.

See you there!


  1. enjoy your conferences! It's always an experience in itself isn't it? No matter what you learn...

  2. What a wonderful story, Jane. :) Especially about finding your CPs and then you all living so close. You're so right about the renewed energy afterwards. And LOL at talking to 'like minded women'. People who don't stare at you as if you're crazy when you speak of your characters and the tribulations they face.

  3. Thank you Pat and Sandy for reading my little bit on Kylie's blog. Counting down now to the RWNZ conference -only 3 weeks to go, wonder if that's enough time to lose 10lbs!

    Happy reading