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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A very nice review from Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club...
"...The author writes a novel that romance readers will cherish...While I admired Kymora’s compassion and courage (she is no push over), Varian was the true star of this book.  He must make many difficult decisions when those he cares for revolt and he must brutally squash the rebellion to keep the human alliance. These tough choices deeply affect him yet he forges on for the good of his people.
As Varian struggles against his dark demon side and the passion he feels for Kymora, the reader can feel his anguish.  He is a noble man who suppresses/denies his needs for others. And when the perceptive Kymora sees the good in him and loves him even when he does not believe he deserves it this emotionally charged book was poignant and addicting.
A battle scarred, noble hero and a valiant heroine caught in a war of deep prejudice make for a powerfully affecting read."
You can read the full review here (scroll down).


  1. Oo, I'm so looking forward to getting my copy of this book. I finally allowed myself to start VB yesterday, so I'll be able to roll right along with the story when AF arrives from the Book Dep. :)) Unfortunately then I'll have to wait for the last one, so get cracking, Kylie!

  2. LOL, Sandy! Here's to the post being on time then! I love being able to read books in a series one after the other.

    Must go - got another book to finish! (as per your instructions! :-) )