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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stomp vs.Romp - let the games begin!

Stomp vs.Romp starts soon!

The Book Nympho and Rabid Reads have joined forces to say goodbye to summer 2012 with style! They're hosting the biggest bloggy event of the season. Welcome to STOMP VS ROMP!

26 authors will be battling it out in August to prove once and for all whether ACTION or ROMANCE reigns supreme. There will be guest posts, interviews, reviews, giveaways and MORE!

They're asking YOU TO BE THE JUDGE, read each author's arguments and vote on which side deserves to come out on top. And, of course, no event of this magnitude would be complete without randomly selected COMMENT GIVEAWAYS throughout the month.

Clear your calendars, grab their button and prepare for battle! But first, here's a preview of the line-up and of the books being featured.


August 1Amanda Bonilla
Molly Harper

August 3Sangu Mandanna
Felicity Heaton

August 6Kalayna Price
Lexi George

August 10Cynthia Garner
Nancy Holzner

August 13Sierra Dean
Kelly Meding

August 15Heather Hildenbrand
Amanda Ashley

August 17Amanda Carlson
JK Beck

August 20Laurie London
Nicole Peeler

August 22Katie Reus
Stephanie Chong

August 24Gwenda Bond
HP Mallory

August 27Nina Berry
Kristen Callihan

August 29M.J. Scott
Jess Haines

August 31Kylie Griffin
Jennifer Harlow

Blood Before SunriseThe Care and Feeding of Stay VampiresThe Lost GirlSeduceGrave MemoryDemon Hunting in Dixie
Secret of the WolfDarklandsFever Moon: The Fear DorchaKeeping SecretChangelingBlood Bond
His Dark EmbraceFull BloodedWhen Pleasure RulesSeduced by BloodTempest's FuryPrimal Possession
The Demoness of Waking DreamsBlackwoodThe Witch is BackOtherkinMoonglowBlood Kin
Deceived by the OthersAlliance ForgedTo Catch a Vampire

As you can see Varian & ALLIANCE FORGED are slated for an August 31 face off (and fellow Aussie author M.J.Scott appears on August 29th).

 I hope you can come and support us during this battle!

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