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Monday, July 9, 2012

RWA Author Cafe

Going to the RWA "Diamonds are Forever" conference on the Gold Coast in August?

Well, one of the special events being trialled on Sunday 19th August is called Author Cafe.

It will be held during the break sessions at tables set up around the conference venue and you'll have the chance to sit and chat with an author for half an hour.

With 28 authors to choose from, and only 5 attendees in each Cafe, it will be a great opportunity to talk to them about anything to do with writing, publishing, the industry...

Attendees will need to nominate 3 authors they wish to chat with.

Nominations must be sent to Author Café organiser Nicole Murphy by August 4.

A random draw will take place to find the five attendees that will sit with each author. Once you’ve been drawn to be in an Author Café, your other nominations will be taken out so you will only be given a place with one author.

Attendees will be notified if they’ve been successful and who their author is on August 10.

For more details, click here.

Authors and the times they will be at the Author Café.

10-10.30 (morning tea)
Eloisa James; Alex Sokoloff; Keri Arthur; Amanda Ashby; Michelle Conder; Kaz Delaney; CJ Archer; Barbara Hannay; Rowena Cory Daniells, Annie West 

12.30-1 (lunch)
Valerie Parv; Fiona Lowe; Rhian Cahill; Anne Gracie; Laura O’Connell; Michelle Douglas; Denise Rossetti; Sandy Curtis 

3.10-3.40 (afternoon tea)
Shannon Curtis; Anna Campbell; Paula Roe; Tracey O’Hara; Kylie Griffin; Christina Brooke; Fiona McArthur; Leah Ashton

Be quick though - places are limited!

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