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Saturday, June 30, 2012

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Davyn - ex-Blade Councillor

I thought I'd share some facts and information about Davyn, the ex-Blade Councillor & retired Light Blade warrior, from VENGEANCE BORN. 

Davyn - as I imagine him
Name: Davyn

Race: Human

Age: 58 

Background: In his day, Davyn was a well respected Light Blade warrior and as a Commander he led his unit on many successful campaigns against the Na'Reish.

Davyn's daughter, Jarella, bonded with Peran Barial. His first and only grandson, Arek, was born a year later.

During a border patrol, Davyn killed a Na'Reish warrior whom he  later learned was Na'Rei Savyr's firstborn son. In revenge, Savyr took Jarella and raped her, planning to send her back to Davyn with the shame of a half-blood child.

Jarella died giving birth to Annika and without proof of her parentage, Savyr's vengeance proved futile.

With Jarella taken and presumed dead, consumed by heartache Peran took his life, leaving 3 year old Arek with an embittered and grief-stricken grandfather. Davyn raised Arek, passing on his soul-consuming hatred for all things Na'Reish.

When Annika appeared with Kalan at Sacred Lake (in VENGEANCE BORN), Davyn recognised her as she was spitting image of Jarella as a younger woman. Hoping to bury the disgrace of having a Na'Chi granddaughter and keep the secret of her being Arek's half-sister from him, he attempted to kill her while opposing Kalan & Kymora's efforts to ally themselves with the Na'Chi.

Once the Blade Council discovers the secrets he's been hiding, he's stripped of his title and imprisoned for his actions. His opposition though resonates among some - Light Blades and other humans alike - and his cause is taken up by rebels.

Skills:  Like all Light Blade warriors he can use his kinetic power to kill by channeling it through touch or via any blade or weapon. This skill is used to kill the Na'Reish. In human society, Light Blades are highly respected for their skills and dedication to upholding the Lady's tenets. They are the protectors of all.

In VENGEANCE BORN, Davyn is one of five Councillors seated on the Blade Council.

Interesting Facts:
  • With the death of his daughter, Davyn's dedication as a Light Blade warrior turns to obsession in his need for revenge against the Na'Reish.
  • He never fails to remind Arek, his grandson, of how the Na'Reish robbed them both of a future with his parents.
  • Corvas, Yance and Davyn concealed the shared history of demons and humans during their time as Councillors on the Blade Council. Their corruption continued to perpetrate the 500 year old war against the Na'Reish.
  • Davyn kept a wall hanging of Jarella in a special shrine-room in his apartment but never let Arek see his mother's portrait.
  • He attempted to kill Annika by wounding her then locking her in a room with Rissa, hoping she'll succumb to blood-rage and attack the young healer and feed, to prove to everyone the Na'Chi are animals just like the Na'Reish demons.

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