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Saturday, June 2, 2012

From the Bookshelf...Coins of Power

Taken from the bookshelf this week is a standalone book, the first in a Young Adult series - COINS OF POWER by J.A.LESLEY. 

Author bio: J.A.Lesley has been writing for many years. After publishing two romances under the name of Jennifer Brassel (now  available through Amazon and all eBook retailers) she began writing young adult novels at the request of her daughter who wanted fantasy and adventure.

Jennifer has taught writing at local colleges and writing centers. She served as both president & treasurer of Romance Writers of Australia.

Title: COINS OF POWER (Young Adult)

Publisher: Parker-Publishing LLC.

Release Date: April 2011(1st in an upcoming series where four teens fight mythical monsters) 

Hero bio: Fifteen-year-old Cameron Sloan is new to school. His Scottish/American background has gifted him with ancient tools to fight evil but he doesn't yet know their true meaning. 

Heroine bio: Part Aboriginal Paige has just turned fifteen. Her crazy Welsh aunt keeps sending her weird birthday gifts but she has no idea what they're used for.

Interesting feature/s of this book: COINS OF POWER combines Celtic mythology and a battle of good over evil, along with first love.

Paige loves stories about myths and monsters but she never thought she'd become part of one. When Paige's crazy Welsh aunt sends her the last in a series of ancient talismans for her fifteenth birthday gift, her whole world turns upside-down.

Cam, the new boy in school has mystical secrets too and when he sees Paige's birthday gifts he realizes his grandfather's warnings weren't nonsense, after all. Danger looms in the form of Balor and his band of sea monsters.

Along with friends Tegan and Jacko, Paige and Cam must learn how to wield their mysterious powers if they are to protect their treasures, their families and maybe even the world.

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