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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

REVIEW over at Not Your Ordinary Book Banter

How wonderful to discover that a book group based at the Bangor Public Library (Maine, USA) had VENGEANCE BORN on their summer reading list.

To top it all off, a lovely person called Jan reviewed it for their Not Your Ordinary Book Banter blog AND ordered a copy of both VENGEANCE BORN and ALLIANCE FORGED for the library!!!

I gave a hoo-rah when I read this snippet in the review.
I came across this author while downloading a bunch of samples to my eReader.  For the record, I have decided that eReader samples are a marvelous thing.  I usually get my first twenty-five pages from a sample, and from there, if the author has intrigued me, I borrow it from the library.  Or, if I just can't wait one more day---I buy the book!

I bought this book.
Then I let loose a squee, for this comment!
For those of you who like books by Nalini Singh, I would recommend you try this author.
And I was grinning like a loon with these closing thoughts.
With that said, there was depth to this story, especially concerning racial prejudice.  I was engrossed by the fantasy world Griffin created.  She formed a believable war between two races fueled by ignorance and prejudices on both sides.  It was an enjoyable read, and in many ways thought provoking---with a happy ending, of course!

Alliance Forged
is the next book in this series.  I have ordered both books for the library's collection.
You can read the review in its entirety here.


  1. I just found all these hits on our NYOBG blog stats page referring back here and I had to pop over and take a look. Your book was a wonderful find, the perfect meld of fantasy and romance. Thank you for such a lovely read. Vengeance Born was just added to our library collection today and practically flew off our new books shelf. :o)

  2. Hi Jan, I like to blog about wonderful reviews and link to them - so glad you enjoyed reading VENGEANCE BORN and that you blog has received some traffic because of your review! :-)