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Thursday, June 21, 2012

GUEST BLOGGING over at Sassy Book Lovers

Blog tour stop #4!

Sassy Book Lovers

Everyone off at Sassy Book Lovers for an guest post talking about "A Writer's Inspiration" and how attending a Rotary Youth Camp inspired the character of Kymora, the heroine from ALLIANCE FORGED! There's also a giveaway!

See you there! :-)


  1. Ooo!!! I entered!!! Thanks for the giveaway! But Kylie, I don't know if this has already come to your attention, but your Facebook link does not work. Just an fyi :)
    Alyssa <3

  2. Thanks, Alyssa - but which FB link? At the interview? Here? My website?

    If you meant at the interview, the link will take you to FB but before you get to my author page you need to sign in, once that's done then it goes straight to my FB page.

  3. Here, on this page, the link on the right sidebar redirects to my Facebook homepage.

    On the interview, a red box pops up that says "This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings."

    I'm not sure if this is just me...?

  4. Alyssa, I've had others check the link and it works fine - maybe your security/privacy settings are very tight and limit what Blogger/FB sites you can visit?

  5. Hmmm, that could be it. Is it a Facebook page to "like", or one to "add"? For some reason, I always have a problem with the "add" ones and Rafflecopter (weird, I know).