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Saturday, June 16, 2012

REVIEW for Alliance Forged

I'm very appreciative of reviewers who have taken the time to read the Advance Review Copies of ALLIANCE FORGED in the days leading up to its release, doubly so when they post a review of the book.

A huge thank you to Harriet Klausner from Worlds of Wonder. Here's a snippet:
The second Light Blade romantic military fantasy (see Vengeance Born) is a terrific thriller as the endless war between demon and humans is reaching a critical mass with the Na’Chi caught in the middle. The lead couple is a strong pairing of interracial attraction and doubts while the support cast enhance the internal human squabble. With an insightful look at racial intolerance in a time of long-term constant combat and security alert, fans will appreciate Kylie Griffin’s superb look at an Alliance Forged does not mean alliance accepted even with a common enemy on the march.
 You can read the full review here.

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