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Friday, March 29, 2013

Allegiance Sworn Countdown...

Cue the music (Darth Vader Theme)...we finally meet Na'Rei Savyr, demon King...
But the Second was nowhere as intimidating as the Na’Reishi striding behind him. Savyr Gannec was huge, just over seven feet tall, towering over many of the Na’Hord gathered around them. The latent power in his wide shoulders and thick, bulging biceps couldn’t be concealed by the long sleeved shirt or loose-laced vest. There was little evidence of him entering his fifth decade. He carried himself with the ease and confidence of a warrior half his age.
Hair the color of obsidian had been pulled back into a tight cue, the severe style emphasizing the strong lines and natural markings running down the sides of his face. Dark brows framed a predatory gaze that missed nothing.

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