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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WORLD-BUILDING: Na'Reish territory (maps)

One of the things I really enjoy when creating a fantasy series is the world-building.

With the Light Blade series I roughed out a map of their world and then, thanks to John Wrench, a friend who's skilled with IT graphics programs, he transformed my etchings into what you see below.

This is the map that appears in ALLEGIANCE SWORN.

Compass Rose from the map

What do you think of maps for fantasy worlds? Do you prefer a visual aid? Something that adds value as the story unfold? Or do you prefer to leave it to the imagination?


  1. I love maps for fantasy worlds. It's sometimes hard to picture where everything is just by the words. We take for granted when authors write about New York or California, because we know where all of those places are. I love your map as well. It's very visually appealing. I also think you should have temporary tattoos made of your compass rose. Very cool looking!

  2. MrsClare, it was fun sitting with John and seeing this map take shape.

    And you and I must think alike, although the compass rose will probably be a permanent tattoo for me (to join the dragon I have on my arm!!! LOL

  3. I love visual aids, especially a map of the world or region.
    Love your series Kylie!!! ♥

    1. Thanks, Simone. I'm a map addict from way back - loved to pour over the ones in the fantasy novels I used to read (eg.Pern & LOTR).