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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Imhara - the Na'Reish demon leader

As an introduction to the characters from ALLEGIANCE SWORN, today I'd like you to meet Imhara, the heroine.

Name: Imhara Kaal

Race: Na'Reish demon (Na'Reishi highborn & Na, leader of her Clan)

Age: 28

Background: Imhara belongs to the Clan Kaal, one of twelve Na'Reish Clans. Her ancestors have remained true to the Old Ways - honoring the Lady as their deity and embracing a lifestyle where humans, Na'Chi and Na'Reish live together in peace.

Since the Great War over 400 years ago, her Clan has led an double life, interacting with the other Clans when necessary, portraying the use of a caste system and slavery as a part of everyday life, yet discouraging and restricting access into their territory to keep their secret safe.

Imhara (& Arek)
Their territory is geographically isolated by a mountain range and they control Skadda Pass, a well known slave-route used by Na'Reish patrols and raiders, to sneak into the southern provinces of human territory.

Imhara monitors the pass and all traffic, taking advantage of her rank as Na to demand tribute from those who use it, and rescue humans captured for the auction block.

As the only survivor of an assassination attempt on her entire family five years ago in a raid designed to seize control of her Clan and Skadda Pass, she took her father's place as Na during a Clan Enclave, foiling Na'Rei Savyr's attempt to claim her family's territory as his own.

Over the years she's survived numerous attempts on her life and made many enemies among the other Clans. Seeking vengeance, and in an effort to ensure her Clan's survival, Imhara intends to kill Savyr and approach the Blade Council for a truce. But to aid her in this attempt she needs to find an advocate, someone who will speak for her and convince them that the Kaal Clan are not a threat.

Skills: Imhara was taught by her parents the importance of responsibility and leadership from a young age, even though her older brother was groomed to take on the role as Clan Na.

Her father also insisted she train and learn weapon skills and strategy with her brother and his Na'Hord. She was able to utilise these skills after her family was murdered.

To avoid any further assassination attempts Imhara honed her fighting skills - an usual move by a female Na'Reishi society.

Imhara has also learned the art of deception and lives a double life within a culture that despises the Lady and her tenets. She's an advocate of the Old Ways, while her alter-ego, Na Kaal, has developed the reputation of being a tough, ruthless leader who enjoys taking human male slaves to her bed (a proclivity frowned upon by most of Na'Reish society).

Interesting facts:
  • Imhara and Rassan (her Second-in-Command) became close friends during her teens. They met when her father insisted she learn fighting skills with his Na'Hord. Rassan was one of the young trainees.
  • Imhara prefers the comfort of wearing breeches & a shirt to dresses, flaunting Na'Reish convention.
  • Her favorite drink is k'sa, a hot, creamy, strong nutty flavored beverage popular among the Na'Reish.
  • Imhara and her mother made the matching quilts that adorn her bed and chair in her room.
  • As part of her persona as Na Kaal, Imhara has chains and shackles attached to the corner posts of her bed to foster the perception that she takes unwilling, human lovers.


  1. Loved this post it is so good getting to now all about the heroine I really am so looking forward to reading this one not long to go now whoo hoo

    Have Fun

  2. These posts are awesome. I love getting to know the characters more!

  3. So glad you're enjoying the character posts - it was fun writing them! :-)