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Friday, March 29, 2013


Some lovely reviews from some early ARC book blog readers for ALLEGIANCE SWORN.

Alyssa from Riverina Romantics gave it 5 Hearts!
"To say I was blown away by this book is an understatement. This was everything I love about a romance novel and more. All the necessities were there--captivating story, amazing characters, hot sex—but what I wasn’t expecting was the depth and entrancement of the world this book took place in."
Full review here. 

Mrs Clare's Books had this to say about the book.
"Arek and Imhara's story just grabbed me by the heart and yanked...Never have I felt such a range of emotions while reading a book. When they hurt, I hurt. When they were touched, I was touched. When they felt empty, I felt empty. It was just profound. I loved it."
Full review here. 

And Cath from My Book Chatter gave it 5 stars.
"...I was and still am, very emotionally invested in these characters and I have been blown away with the sheer honesty and believability that Kylie is able to bring to them, most especially in Allegiance Sworn. Kylie's writing is smooth, enveloping and addictive, leaving me in a state of book withdrawal that has yet to be sated.
A fantastic continuation of a story that has well and truly captured my heart."
You can read the full review here.

Thank you to one and all - I really appreciate the heart-felt reviews!

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