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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Arek - the demon hating warrior

As an introduction to the characters from ALLEGIANCE SWORN, today I'd like you to meet Arek, the hero.

Name: Arek Barial

Race: human

Age: 29

Background: Arek's parents were Light Blade warriors.

His mother was captured and raped by Na'Rei Savyr when he was 3 years old. She gave birth to Annika Gannec, his younger half-blood sister (who's story is portrayed in VENGEANCE BORN).

Chris Hemsworth - my inspiration for Arek.
His father committed suicide on learning of his mother's capture.

Arek was brought up by Davyn, his maternal grandfather. Thanks to Davyn's embittered influence, he grew up hating everything demon and made it his mission in life to kill as many of them as possible.

He held the position of Kalan's Second-in-Command until it was presumed he was killed in a rescue mission-gone-wrong (in ALLIANCE FORGED - Varian, the Na'Chi leader took his place at Kalan's request to help forge the alliance between the humans and Na'Chi).

Arek was actually captured by a Na'Hord raiders and transported into Na'Reish territory to be sold as a slave.

Skills: Arek is a Light Blade warrior - one of the best. His Gift from the Lady, the power to kill with kinetic energy, is so strong he's able to direct it through any weapon or via touch.

In human society, Light Blades are highly respected for their skills and dedication to upholding the Lady's tenets. They are the protectors of all.

Interesting facts:
    • Kalan is Arek's best friend. They met as children and trained as Light Blade warriors together. He considers both Kalan and Kymora the brother and sister he never had.
    • Growing up he used to escape the pressure of living up to his parents' reputation as Light Blade warriors taking off into the city with Kalan - to play with the children there, or, as he grew older, to visit the Night Markets.
    • He cherished the time he spent with his paternal grandparents on their farm outside Sacred Lake. Helping them with the daily grind of chores was something he thoroughly enjoyed as he was able to leave his studies and training as a Light Blade warrior behind. It also gave him time away from Davyn and his never-ending lectures on his obligation to avenge his parents' deaths.
    Arek (& Imhara) - not a bad match for Chris, eh?
    • Arek froze the first time he faced the Na'Reish in battle. If it hadn't been for Commander Yevni's intervention he would have died on the battlefield.
    • He was the first to discover the information that the Na'Reish and humans used to coexist peacefully together, and those with Gifts from the Lady were actually of mixed blood (ie.Na'Chi).
    • Arek is highly respected as a Light Blade warrior and leader, yet quite openly admits he'll never make a good Councilor given his outspoken attitude and lack of patience with the political arena. He's insulted almost every member of the Blade Council at one time or another, and been ejected a number of times from meetings because of his lack of diplomacy.


      1. Wow, your cover artist really did a spot on job with the likeness!
        I'm not a big Chris fan... but he's growing on me :)

      2. Wow, Kylie. Love the characters and the cover and the yummy model. Well done.

      3. Great cover (brilliant pick to model Arek on)! I'll be on the lookout for all your teasers. I will be ordering ASAP.