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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Allegiance Sworn Countdown...

A little bit of action...
A Kaal Clan warcry split the air. A swift glance showed Barrca and another of her Na’Hord engaged in battle with the lead Vorc-rider. Her gait faltered.
“Keep going!” Arek grasped her arm.
“They’ll be overrun!” she gasped.
Steel on steel rang out.
Thunder rumbled so hard the ground seemed to shift beneath her foot. Then as small rocks and pebbles danced on the ground in front of her, she realised it had.
Another swift glance and a mass of rock, slate grey, almost black from the rain and sleet, rolled down the mountain side, gathering speed and debris – bushes, shrubs, other boulders – with terrifying intensity. The sound of them smashing together grew to a deafening roar.

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